I am excited to be working on a new project, Daughters of Hanford, with Anna King and Kai-Huei Yau.

More information about the project:

Daughters of Hanford: Products of a southeast Washington nuclear reservation Def. Daughter products: Isotopes that are formed by the radioactive decay of some other isotope. In the case of radium-226, for example, there are 10 successive daughter products, ending in the stable isotope lead-206. – Source: U.S. NRC

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation outside of Richland, Wash., has dramatically transformed its desert landscape and the men and women of the Northwest. Through the Daughters of Hanford project, public radio correspondent Anna King, photojournalist Kai-Huei Yau, Washington State University Tri-Cities artist Doug Gast, and WSUTC undergraduate student Joe Jensen will highlight the historically underrepresented perspectives of women of the nuclear site. The Daughters project will include twelve radio feature stories, a multi-platform website, a geo-mapping application and an interactive large-scale portrait exhibition at the new $14-million Reach Interpretive Center in Richland in July 2015. Subjects include: A high-level whistleblower, a tank farm worker and a WWII-era secretary with top-secret clearance.

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