Time-Out for TV Evangelist



A black stool and 14″ TV monitor that displays a 25 minute loop of the TBN show “Praise the Lord” with Paul and Jan Crouch. The video consists of Paul praying and telling a story about a man who “saw the light” and bravely converted from the muslim faith to christianity.


On the surface, the television and displayed video are representative of a TV evangelist who, like a badly behaved child, has been placed in a chair facing the corner for time-out. Upon further examination however, the work, specifically the television’s ability to represent a person, addresses the capacity of our televised media to actually create (not just represent or simulate) personas, individuals and realities. (Have you ever met George Bush? Probably not, but you have seen him on TV.) Further, the content of video speaks directly to America’s highly organized, emboldened and empowered religious right and its knack for creating worldwide hatred and terror.