This is Not Worth Your Time

(Installation or Video, 2.25 Min)


Single channel video shown as a film or projected on the wall as an installation. Two versions of various lengths are available for exhibition.


Of particular interest to me is the reference often made to film when describing a lived experience. “It was just like a film,” witnesses remarked during news media interviews after the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. These individuals were actually referring to something that itself is a simulation of reality to describe the “reality” they had just experienced. This suggests that we are incapable of experiencing anything unless it is filtered through the media. When negotiating the filming of THIS IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME at the Cincinnati Art Museum , I was told to identify the painting shown in the video as a copy, out of concern that the film’s audience would not have the ability, without being explicitly told, to discern who was actually in possession of the original. This film serves to question this perceived superiority of reality as experienced through the media. With the inclusion of a painting as an object that has been culturally and institutionally deemed worthy of our time as a contrast to the function of the text as anchorage (directing the reader through the signified of the image), it becomes clear that the meaning is directed toward the media itself.