The Quicker you Succeed the Better



A non-site-specific performance/installation during which two performers (and gallery visitors) work as quickly as possible to make 30,000 marks on archival paper using red, blue and black colored pencil.  The actions are accompanied by an audio installation which includes a musical score, the distant sound of a helicopter and seemingly random drips of water.


Declassified documents show that the US government gave its full support and $81,000,000 USD to the Argentine military junta so that they could hurry up and finish the dirty war, a cleansing of “subversion” and “terrorists” between 1976 and 1983, during which the Argentine government made up to 30,000 Argentinians disappear.

Along with sending people to labor camps and outright torture and murder, one of the methods the government used to make people disappear was to bind their feet and hands, lash a concrete block to their feet, drug them, and drop them out of a helicopter to the ocean below.

One of the declassified documents can be downloaded here.

Audio Sample

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