As part of Whistling in the Dark, my short film Some Things to be Scared Of: was shown at the Kings Artist Run Initiative in Melbourne Australia.

About the exhibition:

Stomper is proud to present Whistling in the Dark as part of the 2012 Kings Artist run Initiative Flash Night Series. This film and video based group exhibition dealing with contemporary fears brings together artists, photographers, animators, filmmakers, and documentarians, with themes ranging from terrorism, psychiatric illness, homicide, our over-reliance on medical science, the loss of the natural environment, and the threat of female sexuality.

The fears explored through Whistling in the Dark range from the whimsical minutiae endemic of modern living, to the more serious fears that truly threaten members of various societies. The artists approach the topic of fear with integrity of both medium and voice, with pieces that both shock and draw empathy from the viewer, and works that are imbued with humour and wit. Whistling in the Dark allows for a cultural critique of society’s psychological state by bringing the physical emotion of fear to the viewers self-consciousness. This awareness of the what of fear allows for an objective rational critique of the why…

Featuring the following international artists from the UK, Europe, USA, Latin America, Africa, and Middle East:

Bill Aitchison (UK), Phoebe Boswell (Kenya, lives and works in the UK), Catrin Davies (UK), Douglas Gast (USA), Max Hattler (Germany, lives and works UK), Aline Helmcke (Germany), Dominic Lippillo (USA), Jeannette Louie (USA), Catherine Maffioletti (Brazil, lives and works in the UK), Mayumi Nakazaki (Japan, lives and works in the Netherlands), Guli Silberstein (Israel, lives and works UK), Cat Tyc (USA), Daniel Warner (USA), Kristen Wilkins (USA),Worm Hotel (Chris Hayward and Nat Sunders) (UK)


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