One of my short films, Some Things to be Scared OF:, will be shown in Whistling in the Dark, a film festival organized by STOMPER.

About Stomper:

“Stomper is curatorial project exploring the collaborative possibilities for art, music and moving image. With a history of carrying out events both nationally and internationally, it was originally launched in New York and has since expanded to the London art community. Stomper probes the convergence of art music and moving image by morphing between exhibition format, DJ, live performance and screenings. Using this intersection as a platform for creativity Stomper provides a forum for artists, musicians and film makers to come together and showcase their works.”

The fest will explore the concept of fear:

“In approaching the topic of fear we are looking for artists and filmmakers who:

  • are innovative in their approach to the aesthetics of fear;
  • explore the fascination that our culture has in fear and being frightened;
  • have a psychoanalytical approach to the subject of fear or explore how psychiatry has attempted to rationalise and understand fear;
  • look at fear and its direct relation it has to our corporeal state and how an individual may actually feel fear;
  • have an understanding of fear as both a destructive and a preservative force to both the individual and the society in which that individual lives; or
  • approach fear from a position of the political, gender-based issues, or from a position of race.”

In the off chance you are in London, visit Stomper’s website for more information.

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