(Archival Digital Prints, Web Project)
(More coming soon)
A web project and series of archival digital prints. (Exhibited previously as large archival prints on canvas as seen below) All images have been appropriated from websites that allow private, not-for-profit individuals to post images of themselves.

We can all agree that the overwhelming majority of the symbols of any language are arbitrarily mapped.  That is, there is no real connection between object and symbol (Is there anything inherently “dog” about a dog?).  What we can probably not agree on is what exactly a symbol may (in this case, a word) denote.  Moreover, even if we happen to share a specific definition, our varied technical aptitudes and resources may severely limit our ability to effectively represent our concept.

Send an image to t h i s i s b e i n g s e x y @ g m a i l . c o m (remove the spaces) Please limit images to 1MB or less. Selected images will be added to a web gallery and will be printed and displayed in future exhibitions. If you would like a free signed and numbered archival print of your image, include your mailing address in the body of your email. You may choose to remain anonymous or be credited for your image.