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Big Names is an international exhibition that serves to recognize and honor accomplishment in the visual arts.

The exhibition will be held in a well-recognized, well-attended gallery in NYC. Each participating artist will have their name listed in an exhibition announcement in Art Forum.

All artists are strongly encouraged to enter.

Names included in the exhibition (as of 6/14/07):

Louise Bourgeois Sol LeWitt

Daniel Buren

Steve McQueen
Sophie Calle Bruce Nauman

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Raymond Pettibon

Jenny Holzer Gerhard Richter
Ellsworth Kelly Kara Walker

All artist's who submit an entry will be judged on their level of accomplishment in the visual arts.

Levels of accomplishment are:

1 $20
2 $50
3 $100
4 $500
5 $1000
6 $5000
7 $10000+

Your level of accomplishment determines:

  • Your chance of being accepted
  • How much gallery space will be dedicated to you
  • The placement and prominence of your name in Art Forum
  • How many people you have to exhibit with
  • The quality of the exhibition venue
  • The duration of the exhibition
  • The amount of press coverage
  • The quality of the food and beverages at the opening
  • The importance of the people that will attend the opening
  • The amount of people that will attend the opening
  • The amount of people that will "invest" in your name

Deadline: TBD